Construction Directional Boring

Gateway Signal provides signal installation services. We provide services ranging from a single crossing to large centralized traffic control (CTC) and positive train control (PTC) projects for Class 1 and Commuter Railroads.  We provide material, installation, testing, and maintenance services for railroads. We provide boring services in conjunction with our construction forces.

Construction Services

Gateway Signal provides a variety of installation services for railroads. We install, test, and commission a variety of rail systems ranging from signals, communications, crossings and more. Our team is comprised of experienced rail industry professionals. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality work including all commissioning, testing, and maintenance services. 

Our construction service providers are highly experienced, reliable, and efficient with a focus on safety. Our construction team will maintain your system safely, reliably, and efficiently. We also provide construction support such as cranes, backhoes, excavators, and more. We are able to either support existing construction crews or complete a project from start to finish with our own crew.​

Our Service Construction Offerings

Wayside Signals

Highway Grade


High and Wide Detectors

Dragging Detectors

Snow Melting Equipment

Thaw Sheds

AEI/s Car Scanners

Slide Fences

Testing and Cable


Construction Support

Directional Boring Services

Along with our construction services, we provide directional boring, or horizontal directional drilling to install underground conduit, pipe, and cables. We are able to install pipe ranging from 1 inch to 24 inches under tracks, overpasses, cities, and more. The Gateway Signal teams are experts in directional boring and provide plowing and trenching services. Directional boring allows for a wide range of benefits as opposed to other methods of laying pipe, conduit, or cables such as excavations.


Advantages to Directional Boring:

  • Less impact on landscapes

  • Varying lengths of pipe can be installed 

  • No need for deep excavations

  • Pipework can be installed in straight lines or curved 

  • Causes less disruption by confining the working area to the points of entry and exit 

  • Allows for minimal disruption to rail traffic 

  • Quicker process 

  • Lower overall costs due

  • Fewer workmen required

  • Reduced groundwater pollution and contamination

Directional boring is mostly utilized in heavily congested areas; this allows underground connections to be established. Boring allows installation of pipes, conduit, and cables without disrupting vehicle and pedestrian traffic or damaging the environment. Many times directional boring requires virtually no post-installation restoration.

Why Gateway Signal?

Gateway Signal Engineering is a railroad contractor serving the entire United States and founded on over 20 years of railroad industry experience. We provide design, installation, commission, testing, maintenance, and directional boring for railroads. Gateway Signal has experience working with government agencies and is registered to work with FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers.


Choose Gateway Signal to be your partner. We would be proud to be your partner to provide reliable and efficient construction and directional boring services. We provide services for a single railroad crossing to large CTC and PTC projects for Class 1 and Commuter Railroads. 

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